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Where Do Creative Blocks Come From?

Have you ever wondered why you are feeling blocked? In this new video I explain three key areas where creative blocks could come from and how to liberate them. Sergio Gomez and I can't wait for you to watch!! Enjoy the video and tell us in

How To Create Art With An Open Heart

Oh my goodness I LOVE this episode today! Sergio Gomez and I discuss my tips for creating with an open heart using the the body and the mind to align with our vision. I've been using this process for years, and is something I teach all

The Power Of Extreme Thinking

Wow!! This has to be one of my favorite episodes! I love taking risks and thinking in unique ways to achieve my goals—this is why my clients hire me. Today Sergio Gomez and I discuss extreme thinking and the exact steps to take to make it

How Meaningfulness Influences Motivation

Wow! It's our 50th episode!! In this week's episode Sergio Gomez and I discuss how focusing on meaningfulness naturally influences our mindset to stay motivated. It's a great conversation and we can't wait to hear what you think! Leave a comment below and tell us what

4 Ways Making Art Changed My Life

Making art can be transformational for an artist. I know it has been for me! Today we reflect on the ways making art impacts us as artists and how it connects us to our energy and purpose. If you want to connect more deeply with yourself

How To Have More Fun In 2021

Joy is calling you! 2020 has been intense and the only way I know how to balance the intensity of a year like this is to intentionally create more joyful moments. My #1 recommendation: Make joy familiar. Make it practical and casual to manifest change

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