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What is Creativity?

This question has so many answers. The more I study creativity the more I realize how many different definitions are out there. In today's episode I share the definition I live by and use to teach my clients about how to access creative insight. If you need

The Secrets To Getting Unstuck

Feeling stuck is the worst, but getting unstuck with joy is the best! Learning how to move energy in your body can be a joyful experience when we are intentional about it. In today's episode, we talk about how to approach getting unstuck with actions that will

Leading with Creative Power Moves

A creative life is a happy life! When you lead your life with a creative mindset it truly makes every day so much easier. In today's episode, I discuss how to integrate "Creative Power Moves" into you day so you can overcome overwhelm, reduce stress, and

Finding The Value In Your Personal Experiences

Our personal experiences can give us guidance when we learn to look at them as a lesson. In this week's episode, I share a story about a dream I had recently that has made a major impact on my life. Let's just say, the lesson was

How To Dream Big And Doubt Less

What would it feel like if an invisible thread was pulling you forward in the direction of your dreams? How would you keep a powerful enough mindset to walk that journey? Today's episode has some great ideas about how to set your vision so it will effortlessly

Where Do Creative Blocks Come From?

Have you ever wondered why you are feeling blocked? In this new video I explain three key areas where creative blocks could come from and how to liberate them. Sergio Gomez and I can't wait for you to watch!! Enjoy the video and tell us in

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