Feeling Stuck? Practical Tips for Fulfillment in Everyday Life

If you’re feeling stuck, this post is for YOU.

The worst feeling in the world is when you want to do something that excites you, but you can’t muster up the energy to take the first step. Or maybe you feel it in your bones that you want something different in your life, but can’t seem to change long term.

It’s exhausting and frustrating, but there is hope!

Unwire Your Stuckness

Being a survivor of childhood trauma I get how developmentally our brains can be wired for stuckness. Mine was wired for fear and shame and those emotions controlled my every move. This caused me to stay small, silent, and keep my big dreams secretly tucked away for no one to see.

Does this sound familiar?

The only thing that got me out of this shame cycle was fully embracing the creative process I learned from being a professional artist.

The creative process is all about options: Create this, decide that, change your mind, try again, go a different direction, and so on. I learned this through making art, then I applied it to my trauma recovery and that’s when transformation blossomed.

I never thought to apply the creative process to find joy, but once I did it was impossible to fail. All I saw were possibilities and experiments, and the path to find what worked for me revealed itself.

Try this thought process:

1: Notice the feeling of being low
2: Wonder what would feel better
3: Imagine how to create a shift
4: Discover what I could do in that moment
5: Try a small step and connect to the outcome
6: Imagine a bolder move and plan for it
7: Try a bigger step and connect to the outcome
8: Repeat the process and learn as I go

Change is a combination of small steps and bold moves. Lynne McTaggart says it’s practical and casual, moment by moment, day by day. This is how we can rewire our brains! Change is created by your process, which can be influenced by a single thought or action.

Preparation is Key

In trauma recovery, I’ve learned that preparation is key to navigating emotions, triggers, and experiences that feel overwhelming. We have to prepare ourselves to step out of the stuckness because survival mode will hold us prisoner there for as long as we allow it.

Preparation requires our creativity to wonder, notice, and connect to our needs and how that will ultimately influence the outcome.

So what is keeping you stuck? What is one small step you can take to move out of the stuckness? Does it feel vulnerable? Good! Lean into that without an attachment to the outcome and see what happens. Learn from your experiments and you’ll find what works best for you.

If you need a guide on this journey, I can help. I work with my clients to embrace the creative process, become fully self-expressed, and create the clarity they need to reach their goals.

Visit my coaching page for more details on how you can overcome feeling stuck and connect to a new way of being so your joy can overflow.