Manifest Abundant Creativity In One Simple Step

Seriously one step. It can be that simple. Imagine creativity to be like a muscle that requires exercise, but we’re not doing squats or Sudoku, we’re noticing, wondering and connecting to the world around us.

Creativity is cultivated in environments where we can easily notice, wonder and connect to how our senses react in the moment. If you can find environments that inspire connection between your mind and senses then you can manifest abundant creativity.

Types of environments designed to help creativity could include art shows, music events, museums or live theater — but that’s the obvious answer. You can create your own creative environment wherever you are because your mind controls your thoughts — the outside world only helps or hurts your ideas.

Seek environments that allow you to notice your surroundings and wonder about what you experience. Then connect those experiences to your life and how it makes you feel. If you consistently practice being present in a variety of environments physically, mentally and emotionally creativity will manifest into abundance.