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I help leaders master their emotional wellness so they can feel deeply satisfied in their work and life

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Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. I speak about emotional wellness to leaders inspiring them to discover their edge.



I share stories about my life as an artist and leader energizing people to reach their next level. If you want to live an inspired life, I believe I have some insights and experiences that can help make an incredible impact.



For your next event I’d love to create an experience for you that leaves a lasting impact and moves people to action.


Maria Dunn, Bridgestone


"Everybody was mesmerized taking in everything Beth was saying. Very impressive, you are truly inspirational!"

Leadership on the way

Dan Poffenberger, LOTW


"Thank you for you special gifts, energy, and leadership! The entire group has a fabulous night, and it was even better than I would have hoped for."

Pecha Kucha Nashville

Ron Yearwood, PechaKucha


"Thank you Beth!! Your presentation was inspiring and beautiful and so impressive."


"Beth, thank you. You were a highlight of our year! Your command of the room really drew people in, and everyone had a darn good time! I loved everything about your talk. The content was what I love to hear; plus your presentation was so tight and polished. You're a total pro. And, on to of all of that, it was one of my favorite Q&A sessions we've had in a long time. I could have let you go for another half hour!"


Colin Pigott, Creative Mornings Nashville

Texas McCombs

"Thank you! The most important takeaway for me was that emotional intelligence and regulation is possible even when trauma has been involved. This was the first career-related session I’ve been to that acknowledged the impact past life events can have on our success now and in the future. It’s something that I’ve been working hard on in my personal life, but I’m so encouraged that it can be brought into the career realm as well."


Attendee, UT Austin McCombs School of Business

Popular Speaking Topics

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Leading For Creative Performance With Emotional Wellness

In this 45 minute keynote, Beth shares practical techniques and compelling evidence that she learned leading thousands of creative entrepreneurs that she's translated into a practical framework that will help overwhelmed professionals thrive.

Creativity and the Role of the Leader

This 45 minute keynote shares how creativity plays an active role in the development of leaders. This talk focuses on how the power of creativity, connection, and community combined creates momentum that will inspire audiences to adopt a creative mindset at any moment.

Discover Your Unique Leadership Style Painting Abstract Art

In this 3 hour workshop, participants will use a custom creative process to express their story visually with abstract art techniques. They will be guided through a multi-step exercise to capture their leadership style with paint.

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