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Beth Inglish Creativity Coach Keynote Speaker

Power Creativity: Unlock Employee Engagement and Results

In this 45-minute keynote, Beth shares practical techniques and compelling evidence that she has learned while leading thousands of entrepreneurs. Beth invites the audience to embrace the core principles of Leadership Intelligence—the intersection between emotional intelligence and creative intelligence. She has created a practical framework that will help your audience thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

Power Creativity: Maximize Your Personal Presence

The creative process adapted for personal transformation will inspire people to believe that anyone with a powerful enough vision and a desire for continuous growth will not only achieve higher satisfaction in every element of their lives… but will also have the power to change the world.

In this 1-hour breakout the audience will hear inspirational stories about how the process of personal development has changed lives. Beth will use the exact techniques that have allowed her to step into her powerful presence.

Power Creativity: Find Your Leadership Style In Art-Making

In this 3-hour hands on experience, participants will find their leadership style while making a piece of abstract art. Attendees will be guided through a multi-step, self discovery exercise designed to capture how they make decisions. This process reveals hidden patterns of behavior that will capture their unique Visual Leadership Story in a piece of art they can take home.


Inspired by her passion for creativity!


Beth has such an incredible presence on stage! Her message is so inspiring! Beth's energy and witty sense of humor make her both captivating to watch and engaging for the audience. I would absolutely recommend having her speak at your next event!


Sara Norris, Attendee
AMAZING, Inspirational, and Funny!


I was blown away by Beth—her message, insight, expertise and humor! She fully connected and engaged with the audience. People were laughing, taking notes, asking questions and visibly moved by her presentation. I very highly recommend Beth for your event!


Jeff Leisawitz, Attendee

Way more than a speaker!


Riding a Nashville city bus with Beth’s art wrapped around it made me realize what an inspiration she is. She spoke at an art gallery before we all hopped on the bus for a private tour. Incorporating both experiences together brought to life her mission of finding joy in life. I highly recommend her. She takes you on a journey when she fills a room.


Sally Hendrick, Attendee

Magnetic Energy!


Beth has a genuine desire to see others succeed. She is capable of inspiring anyone to believe in themselves to take a chance on becoming the best version of themselves. I can't wait for the next time I get to see Beth!


Neth Williams, Attendee

Beth Inglish Keynote Speaker Creativity Leadership

Maria Dunn, Bridgestone


Everybody was mesmerized taking in everything Beth was saying. Very impressive, you are truly inspirational!

Leadership on the way

Dan Poffenberger, LOTW


Thank you for your special gifts, energy, and leadership! The entire group had a fabulous night, and it was even better than I would have hoped for.

Pecha Kucha Nashville

Ron Yearwood, PechaKucha


Thank you Beth!! Your presentation was inspiring and beautiful and so impressive.

Texas McCombs

Thank you! The most important takeaway for me was that emotional intelligence and regulation is possible even when trauma has been involved. This was the first career-related session I’ve been to that acknowledged the impact past life events can have on our success now and in the future. It’s something that I’ve been working hard on in my personal life, but I’m so encouraged that it can be brought into the career realm as well.


Attendee, UT Austin McCombs School of Business


Beth spoke to high school art students with such passion and empathy; simultaneously sharing hard truths while being vulnerable. The students immediately locked in and connected ultimately inspired to follow their own craft further.



Rachel Draper, Cheekwood Museum of Art


When Beth came to speak with Nashville NAWBO, a group of all women business owners, her energy, presence and focus were all on target for maximum impact. She led our group with vulnerability and strong authenticity which allowed for genuine conversations and connections among our group during the interactive portions. Each person left having at least one new tool to help them stay calm and centered in their business and personal lives (if not more). Highly recommend!


Maria Brannon, Nashville NAWBO


Beth, thank you. You were a highlight of our year! Your command of the room really drew people in, and everyone had a darn good time! I loved everything about your talk. The content was what I love to hear; plus your presentation was so tight and polished. You're a total pro. And, on top of all of that, it was one of my favorite Q&A sessions we've had in a long time. I could have let you go for another half hour!


Colin Pigott, Creative Mornings Nashville