I take audiences
from stuck to inspired in 60 minutes.

Beth Inglish, a keynote speaker, artist, and community leader, emphasizes the direct link between emotional openness and creativity. Overcoming burnout is essential to accessing creative thinking and forming strong connections. Drawing from her own experiences, Inglish guides audiences to success by honoring and triumphing over suffering, a pivotal aspect of her own story.


Originating from Port Arthur, Texas, Inglish sought solace in various creative outlets during her childhood trauma. It wasn't until her twenties that she embraced art as a cathartic tool for healing and self-expression, especially through abstract painting. As her art resonated with others and sparked meaningful conversations, Inglish realized the power of connecting to oneself and building profound connections with others.


In 2012, she founded The Nashville Creative Group, a thriving community of artists with nearly 10,000 members, fostering support and discussions about the creative process. Through her corporate speaking engagements, Inglish encourages attendees to explore their inner lives and transition from suffering to success. Her framework offers steps to develop self-awareness, manage stress, and cultivate empathy, leading to enhanced creativity, communication, and authentic expressions.


By embracing setbacks and finding pathways forward, attendees can achieve their best work, fostering innovation, retention, and, above all, joy. Inglish firmly believes that emotional resilience and genuine connections empower individuals to overcome obstacles and reach their highest potential.

Beth is a popular speaker on the topics of joy, creativity, wellness, and connection. Her presentations are mesmerizing, inspirational, and engaging for in-person and virtual events.

If you want a Corporate Trainer to get your team to go deeper into their own self discovery, Beth is all in. Inglish works with companies, conferences, and organizations such as Bridgestone Americas, Salesforce, Facebook Community Leadership Circles, Creative Mornings, National Association of Women Business Owners, Portland Creativity Conference, University of Texas Red McCombs School of Business, Leadership on the Way, and many more.

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