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3 Secrets To Stop Self Sabotage And Take Back The Joy In Your Life

Repeat after me: I deserve to feel joy.

I deserve to feel joy.

Ok now that’s cleared up… the only reason we would ever feel like we don’t deserve to feel joy is because it is UNFAMILIAR.

It’s not that we don’t deserve it, it’s just that we don’t recognize it. If we’re FAMILIAR with feelings of sadness or shame, then all of a sudden feeling joy isn’t going to seem like it fits in with our NORMAL.

The challenge is to shift into a NEW NORMAL in the direction of more joy. That’s why we need a plan.

My 3 Secrets to Stop Self Sabotage is you plan for making joy familiar:

1. Make it visible

Whatever brings you joy you need to see it and often. I’m talking about a vision board on your wall, phone screen, desktop background, sticky notes on your mirror, in your car, and on your refrigerator. Do not let yourself forget your focus.

Distractions are the easy street to self sabotage. Surround yourself with the best directions to keep you going on the right path.

I like to mix it up so I use visual cues for all sorts of reminders. I’ll put my hula hoop out in plain sight nearby my desk or leave my walking shoes by the door to remind me to go outside. I have sticky notes taped to my desk so I always have the right message to remind me of what I need to know most.

2. Practice Starting Over

The truth is you’re probably not going to get it right and that’s ok. Getting used to starting over is a good habit. We can practice starting over every day to every moment, whenever it is, it’s never too late.

When your awareness says, “Oh I’m not following my plan…” you can respond with grace and lovingly give yourself permission to start again. Start looking for your visual cues to get you focused again.

3. ABC… Always be celebrating

Anytime you have a win—celebrate. Discover small to big ways to celebrate so you have a celebration plan. Happy dances can happen anywhere or you might want to do more and take yourself on a date.

I like to dream about my perfect date, and take myself on it. I schedule it on my calendar, take some extra special time to get ready, and go do the things that make me fall in love with myself. I don’t have to wait for love, I have it when I celebrate.

Whatever you do, plan to celebrate your success. No matter how hard it gets, when you know there’s a celebration on the other side, you are on your way to joy.


When we don’t believe we deserve something it’s just because it’s unfamiliar. We self sabotage only to stay on the most consistent familiar path, but can change that with a plan.

Create new visual cues to guide our actions, practice starting over again, and always celebrating ourselves no matter what. We are good enough, even if we don’t do anything.

You can celebrate just knowing that.

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