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Quiet the Voice of Fear and Take Back your Mind for Joyful Thoughts

You are probably reading this right now because a voice deep inside has been calling out to you begging for more and you want to listen, you just don’t know how… You probably want to feel more joy, more peace, more out of life overall. But for some reason something is holding you back.

You probably already know what it is, but still feel confused and that’s ok. Pain is confusing, but we absolutely hold the power to create the change we want.

We already have everything we need within us, because it’s always been there. That’s why you hear it calling out to you or trying to get your attention in some way.

You can give yourself permission to listen and ask questions. If you know something is not right, you can trust that feeling. Energy doesn’t lie.

And if you don’t listen, then that’s when YOU become the barrier between where you are now and where you want to be. That’s the highest cost there is to not heal from pain, because you’ve turned off the one voice that you can trust, your own.

Here’s how to listen to your voice and let it guide you:

1. Write it down.

If you are having recurring thoughts or feelings write them down in detail. Describe what you see and include important details that stand out. These are details that you need to pay attention to and listen to what they mean to you. Circle any words that stand out in particular, these are also important information to reflect on more carefully.

2. Tell someone.

After you notice what’s coming up for you the most, tell someone you trust that feels safe what you are experiencing. It often sounds different coming out of our mouths than inside our head. Notice how you hear what you’re saying. Does it change your perspective hearing it outloud? Does it make you wonder about anything else?

3. Take action.

Create a plan to follow what is coming up for you. What do you need to do next? What would feel like you are listening to yourself in a loving and generous way? How would your actions look if you gave yourself permission to take action without hesitation?


The worst thing we can do is not listen to ourselves wanting to heal. If our pain is showing up habitually, then it’s asking for help and we have to listen. That’s how we heal. We lovingly ask ourselves what we need, listen, and give it to ourselves unapologetically.

To learn more about this… I’m hosting a private training Friday, but you have to apply for an invite! If YOU want to work with me on self healing your painful past to feel joy again, apply now at  https://bethinglish.com/apply.

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