Nashville is famous for creativity. The work artists create here is heard around the world, seen on murals across the city, and felt in the hearts of the community. You can experience this too. Tap into your creativity and unleash your inner artist.

The Nashville Creativity Experience

I develop leaders to harness their creativity so they can connect better with themselves and others.

Nashville Creativity Experience


"I have a fear of failure..."


You don't want to mess up, so maybe you don't do anything. That's a tough place to stay. I understand, taking action is hard when you feel stuck.



"I don't have time..."


You're busy, no doubt. How are some people crushing it and others clearly aren't? Simply put, (and you already know this), but you're not making your time a priority and need to set some boundaries.



"I'm overwhelmed..."


You're hustling, but no matter what you do or how you do it, stress is blocking you from feeling truly fulfilled. You need to release the pressure so you don't get stuck in patterns of overwhelm.




"I feel stuck..."


Your passion checked out a long time ago and there's no sight of it coming back. Deep down you know it's inside you, because you have a hunger to feel more connected, but you're running on empty and not making the progress you want on your own.





If this sounds like I'm in your head hearing your thoughts, then keep reading—you're in the right place.

You thought you would have figured it out by now, BUT SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY OFF

"I want to feel creative..."


When the desires inside of you, become the actions outside of you, then you will feel creative. Listening to your intuition is a practice in connecting with yourself. When you don't listen, then you'll feel disconnected and that shuts down creativity.



"I want more energy..."


When you start to listen within, you'll learn quickly, your body speaks up. When you consistently give yourself what you need to feel nurtured then your energy levels will have a powerful shift.



"I want focused productivity..."


You want to have innovative ideas, but most days you just draw a blank. The longer you're stuck, the more the pressure builds and productivity plummets. These are directly related. We need to release the pressure and create differently.




"I want to do meaningful work..."


The passion inside of you has your full attention, but you don't have a clue what to do with it. For years, (or maybe your whole life) you've thought about it, but it seems risky so you don't trust yourself. Trust is a powerful practice to rebuild the confidence you need to pursue meaningful work.




Am I speaking your language?



Have you tried everything and you're still looking for answers? Do you want to press fast forward on a clear path so you can start feeling creative right away, and have someone guiding you step-by-step?

Imagine what it will feel like when you...

Nashville Creativity Experience

Truly Thrive


You learn how to take action with creativity so that you don’t stay stuck in patterns of over functioning. You'll self motivate even with self doubt so that you can unblock and unlock your potential to thrive.



Radiate confidence and joy


Learn how to create and use energy effectively in the body so that you can consistently shift into the feeling of joy. You'll eliminate overthinking so that you can truly trust yourself, and dramatically improve your confidence.



Find Balance


Develop a visualization practice so that you can create a mental roadmap towards a consistent balance between work and life.



Experience Flow


Learn advanced techniques to create effortless flow so you'll learn how to get started again and again, especially when you fall off course.






At the end of our time together, you will feel inspired to your creativity, be resilient to changes so you can find the balance you’ve always needed, and have a clear process you can use again and again.

Your genius is right around the corner

Nashville Creativity Experience

But you're probably wondering...

How are going to teach me to be creative?

What am I going to do that's any different than what I've tried?

How do I know what steps to take?

How will I be supported in the process?

You will be guided through a series of exercises and activities designed to stimulate the imagination while building connection, confidence, and resilience among attendees.

I don't want you to miss out on your best ideas. That's why I created The Nashville Creativity Experience

The Nashville Creativity Experience is my proven process to harness your creativity

This 2-3 Hour Program Uses Creativity To Connect To Yourself and Others

Beth Inglish Creativity Coach Keynote Speaker 14

What would it be like to feel connected to your creativity?

Nashville Creativity Experience

I’ve taught these practices over the last 10 years about how I have been able to:

Face challenges with creativity to develop resilience so I can handle anything.



Position my mindset to reject the status quo and follow my best ideas.



Liberate self doubt to harness my true potential.

Discover joy and peace when you start trusting the voice deep inside you

Nashville Creativity Experience

Here's what we'll do together:

+   Break out of overfunctioning with easy-to-follow mind-body techniques for unlocking your imagination.



+   Visualization exercises for overcoming creative blocks to shift your mindset immediately.



+   Team building exercises to create connection among attendees.



+   Get unstuck with a spirit of curiosity and experimentation to approach challenges with creativity.



+   Put these strategies to work and discover how creativity can improve performance and focus.



+   Grow with a community and realize you are not alone in this process. Shared experiences cultivate trust and build connections. Having the support of a community during this process makes a significant impact on your experience.



+   Create an original piece of art using a wide range of visual art materials.

This workshop is a great opportunity for anyone looking to develop their creativity and explore the creative process so they can become more resilient to challenges.

Here's how it works...




Discover what's stopping you. Learn my signature practices to align your unique energy, emotions and thoughts to build the foundation to perform your best.


These techniques will create new connections and open your perspective to see what you need to take the next step. I will guide you in your discovery to find the right blend of practices that will be the best fit for your needs.


This process can be used over and over again anytime you feel stuck and need to start again. It can be incorporated into your process so you can connect to your creativity with ease.




Put the process into action. Using the techniques from Phase 1 you will create new processes and experiment with what works for you.


You will discover how you get the best results and continue to grow from there. You'll learn how use a variety of techniques and how to apply them for creative thinking.


Fine tuning this practice will be the support you need to align your mindset and motivation so you can continuously move toward your goals.


We’ll make sure your plan works for you with feedback to take it further. You'll get the tools you need to take action without hesitation.




Experience the results. Being creative is when the real magic happens, and I'll be here to support you.


While you transition into your new familiar you'll notice old patterns not serving you, old narratives not supporting you, and your subconscious blocks will reveal themselves to be removed.


You new habits will create the foundation you work from to consistently have clarity and confidence. This will be the platform you leap from to take your creativity to the next level without hesitation.


This process has perfected over the past 10 years and creates the freedom you need to unblock and unlock your creativity.


Client Testimonial_7.2


Laura | Podcaster

It's powerful!


"Beth helps you show up in your life in a whole new way. Her energy is truly contagious and she helps you see how to walk through life with more joy and freedom!


She’s wise, encouraging, empowering and helped me see things in myself that I don’t always see. The impacts of her work are powerful and I can’t recommend her enough!"

Client Testimonial Cover Photo.12


John | Award-winning photographer

I'm a better photographer now


"Beth really inspires people! I felt so comfortable with her, I felt she understood what I needed to do and she understood my problems.


She is a really strong inspiration in my life and I'm a better photographer because of it. Worth it!"

Client Testimonial_6.22

Rachel | Painter

Took A Giant Leap


"Beth is an amazing thought partner. She has unique perspectives on challenges and constraints that result in unforeseen solutions.


One of her skills that I most enjoy is her ability to build community rapport in a group to facilitate that level of synergy. There is power in connecting with people and it helped me take a giant leap into new territory. Thanks Beth!"

Client Testimonial_43.2

Elise | Mixed Media Artist

Creating with confidence


"Sometimes, we as humans get to a point where we need to reach out to others for help, and Beth has been a creative therapist of sorts. When we began the process, I was unsure about what to expect, but knew that I needed help changing my mindset concerning how I approach my craft.


Beth’s program has helped rekindle a new outlook on the power I hold.

Client Testimonial_22

Lisa | Painter, Sculptor

A Guiding Light


"I worked with Beth to help reassess and boost my artist spirit. I had been at a crossroads with many changes in my career and in life. Beth is a shining and guiding light for anyone that needs a boost.


I’ve loved the interaction, support, and the results were evident in my work and mindset going forward."

Client Testimonial_42

Camilla | Painter, Illustrator

Guided me through it all


Five years ago I started the path of entrepreneurship as a full-time art teacher and today I'm running my full-time business. The journey has required a lot of grit, wit, and Beth guided me through it all.


She has been my mentor for living a joy-filled life and navigating through the mindset challenges of being a business owner. She keeps me focused on my goals and challenges me to think and act in innovative ways. I wouldn't want to do this without her!

Client Testimonial_5.22

Nancy | Painter, Illustrator

Mind blowing!


When I found Beth Inglish her energy, compassion, and talent drew me in. She set me on a new path exploring myself as an artist! Mind blowing!


I have continued to move forward with a conscious awareness of seeking and making “joy” a priority. I am currently working on a book, illustrations for another author, and developing a line of greeting cards using my art.

We are redefining the new standards for working with creativity and you're invited to join us...

The sooner you connect to your creativity, the sooner you can feel deeply connected to yourself and others.


Hi, I'm Beth, the Founder of The Nashville Creativity Experience.

Beth Inglish_Headshot_


I’m a speaker and artist with a mission to create meaningful connections. I have built a life based on openness, creativity, and connection—and I want my clients to feel the same way.


In my eyes, emotional openness and creativity are directly correlated. Yet, as I know from my own experience as a visual artist, keynote speaker, and community leader, anxiety and depression can hinder access to creative insights. It’s almost impossible to generate innovative ideas, collaborate, and develop strong connections if you are feeling burned out or overwhelmed.


The practices all stem from my own story and help people gain confidence so they can have a bigger voice and create the change they want to see—rather than just going through the motions. Triumph over trauma has always been the crux of my story and by developing the right toolkit, daily obstacles no longer took precedence over my life.


I spent almost 30 years not knowing how to move from fear to joy, which is why I wanted to distill all that I have learned and make healing concepts common knowledge. By rallying clients around the common cause of becoming more curious about their inner lives, and those of their coworkers, I believe they can also transition from suffering to a place of success.

Beth Inglish Speaker Artist Creativity Leadership

What would it mean for you feel creative every day ... worrying less and living more?

Let's talk about that: how much is it costing you to stay the same?

If you’re experiencing low energy and intrusive thoughts…you’re wasting so many HOURS of your time (or even worse, causing someone else to waste their time!). How much is that worth?


As the only one living YOUR LIFE, your hours are worth so much more...


And if you change your life and experience lasting wellness, how would that impact you every day for years to come? How would that impact your relationship with yourself and others?


You just need to save the relationship with yourself to pay yourself back...


If you can create the work-life you love, what would that mean for your future?


If you’re not currently living are literally missing out on the best possible version of yourself...but you’re also missing out on knowing what it means to truly feel seen.

Let me show you how to harness your creativity.

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