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Beth Inglish

Myth Busting: How to overcome “truths” and heal your painful past

The truth is we all know pain. All different levels of pain. No one is spared by it. But why is it that some people heal and some don’t? When I first started my journey in trauma recovery I wondered the exact same thing.

I used to think I’d never heal from trauma. I remember Googling once… How long will it take to heal from trauma? Even Google didn’t have an answer. Then I made peace that there is no time frame. There is no sand in the hour glass measuring my progress. The truth is I will be healing my whole life.

That’s because I choose to heal everyday. I learn how to nourish myself. I discover what brings me joy.


I do these things because in the process of turning my fears into joy I learned the TRUTH to the 3 myths that hold us back from healing.

1. Myth #1: It’s not possible.


Truth: It is possible. See how I did that? I just made it the opposite. To find truth in the myth just make it the opposite and discover more from there. I used to think that where I am today would never be possible. That’s because I never knew where I am today existed within, but it is!

Going into territory that is undiscovered within us can be confusing without a clear future. That’s why I always lived by this quote, “Go as far as you can see, because when you get there you’ll be able to see further.”

When you start to focus on joy being possible, then it becomes possible. When you start to make healing possible, it becomes possible. And so on. Things are only possible when you believe that they are. Don’t believe the myths, that would be your first mistake.


2. Myth #2: You are not strong enough.


Truth: You are strong enough. We truly are. We are so much stronger than we can imagine or give ourselves credit for. If we want we can get stronger every day.

I remember one period of life things were getting better, then I seemed to go backwards. I was being really hard on myself, as if I was messing up. But what I didn’t realize is that every time I felt like I was going backwards I was actually just learning what I needed to keep going forward. No lesson was too small to learn.

Even when I fall off course, getting back on seems easier and easier. The more I fail the higher I rise and the stronger I get every time—and so will you.


3. Myth #3: It doesn’t get better.


Truth #3: It does get better. Oh yes it does! And then it gets worse. And then it gets better. And then it gets a little bit less worse and then a lot better. Healing can be a hard climb over a bunch of big hurdles and then it can be a gentle stillness like resting in the shade. It’s all of those things and everything in between. But it does get better.

In my healing journey I would see tremendous growth, then suddenly something would happen and I would be back where I started, or so I thought.

The truth is we never end up where we started, with healing that’s impossible. If we are doing the work and growing, then when we feel like we go backwards—it’s an illusion, because we’ve learned something during the time in between. The time in between is the growth and that’s when it’s getting better.




Don’t believe the myths when it comes to your healing journey. They will never lead you in the right direction! Practice following the opposite of what the myth says and that will get you closer to the truth every time.

I healed my painful past and so can you! (after putting in the hard work of course!) Within a few days of working with me, my clients usually start seeing results like this:

  • Increased energy levels with a heightened sense of awareness
  • Feeling hope again every single day, even when they fall off course
  • Naturally accessing peace and joy by learning new habits


If you want to work with me to heal your painful past and feel joy again… I’m hosting a private training on Friday, January 15th for those who apply to work with me.


You just have to fill out that application to get your private invite. I’ll be sharing a lot more details on the private call… I look forward to seeing your application!

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