How To Have More Fun In 2021

Joy is calling you! 2020 has been intense and the only way I know how to balance the intensity of a year like this is to intentionally create more joyful moments. My #1 recommendation: Make joy familiar. Make it practical and casual to manifest change in the small moments. If we can succeed at achieving small amounts of joy, we can succeed at experiencing the big joy too.


Here’s a few fun ideas:


  • Create playlists. Turn them on when you need to move your energy or relax in stillness. Using music to shift your energy is a wonderful practice that activates your senses and connects you to your body. Incorporate music into your everyday routines to create the type of environment you want.
  • Sing in the shower. Open up your chest and let the sounds flow from your stomach to your throat and the energy will reverberate inside of you! Then listen to the sound of your voice as it vibrates around you. Connect to the lyrics and let it reset your mind. There’s so many benefits of singing for joy.
  • Shake your booty. Shake it in front of the stove or in the seat of your car—the booty can shake wherever it wants. I love dancing and shaking my hips because it helps me release any tension that could be blocking the flow of energy within me. The hips are notorious for getting stuck energy since we sit a lot during the day and maybe aren’t doing the work to open them up. You’ll notice when you dance you’ll feel energy flowing all around you and that feels so good.


For more tips to awaken your energy for joy, watch my YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching and Happy New Year!