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Is vulnerability the secret weapon of success?

Once upon a time I was really afraid. Afraid of putting myself out there. Afraid of how people would react. Afraid of vulnerability. As soon as things got uncomfortable or scary my first reaction was to run away. Could I have been running away from what

Beth Inglish Speaker Artist Nashville Creativity Connection

How the creative process impacts change

The creative process is a wonderful model for change. You take nothing, turn it into something, and everything in between is the process of discovering what you notice — that’s called awareness. The more awareness you have, the greater your chances are to create meaningful progress.

Beth Inglish Artist Nashville Live Painting Abstract Art

10 mindful steps to becoming highly creative

How would you like to become your best creative self? That seems to be what everyone in my community is looking for. It’s what I’m looking for. And I have an answer. Over the years I’ve created a process that works for me. It is unique to

Beth Inglish Artist Nashville John Partipilo Photography Modular Art Pods OZ Arts Nashville Manifest Abundant Creativity Connection Community

Manifest abundant creativity in one simple step

Seriously one step. It can be that simple. Imagine creativity to be like a muscle that requires exercise, but we're not doing squats or Sudoku, we're noticing, wondering and connecting to the world around us. Creativity is cultivated in environments where we can easily notice, wonder and connect to how our senses

Nashville Creative Group by Beth Inglish Photos by John Partipilo

Top 25 reasons people join the Nashville Creative Group

Since 2012 every 2nd Monday of the month the Nashville Creative Group has come together to connect. Together we have built a community of creatives who inspire us, because we share and support one another in our journey as artists. Today we are reaching thousands of artists

Beth Inglish Creativity and the Role of the Leader Workshop

Creativity Inspires Leadership in Business

Leadership development today must include the development of creativity. The two go hand in hand. “The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective – people who know to see a problem as an opportunity." - Deepak Chopra People who can

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