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How To Protect Your Creative Energy

Creative energy is essential for living a life full of joy! In today's episode Sergio Gomez and I discuss 3 simple steps to protect your energy. I love this discussion because when life gets busy we can get burnout and living with more balance is

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Increase Creativity with Loving Intention

The best shift I’ve made to increase my creativity is to love with intention. My relationship with creativity was wrapped in fear, shame, and enough self doubt to stop me from creating anything — that narrative had to change and fast. A DAILY PRACTICE Loving with intention is

Stop Overthinking Your Creative Ideas

Creative ideas are magic and they deserve to be expressed. If you struggle with overthinking this video is for YOU! Sergio Gomez and I discuss how to get out of our head and bring the awareness of our ideas into our body to be expressed.

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100 Quotes That Will Inspire The Artist In You

These 100 quotes will definitely inspire the artist in you! We all need encouragement—it's what keeps us going and sometimes just the right words will propel us into action. So I asked the Nashville Creative Group, "If you could encourage another artist today, what would you

Daily Habits For Creative Flow

If flow is cyclical, then there is input and output. And if creativity is the output then creating the best possible input is always the goal. That's just the way I think about it! Accessing creative flow feels like taking care of myself in the


Is vulnerability the secret weapon of success?

Once upon a time I was really afraid. Afraid of putting myself out there. Afraid of how people would react. Afraid of vulnerability. As soon as things got uncomfortable or scary my first reaction was to run away. Could I have been running away from what

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