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I’m a speaker and artist with one mission:


I want people to connect.


I have built a life based on openness, creativity, and connection—and I want my audience to feel the same way.


I’ve blended my experiences with trauma recovery, with 13 years of art-making and community leadership into a simple message—to change how people feel.


One of my most significant contributions to the community has been founding and directing the Nashville Creative Group, an 9,000+ member group of both online and in-person meetups for creatives in Tennessee.


Since 2012, the group has inspired an artistic renaissance in Middle Tennessee while simultaneously providing a safe haven of community, expression, and connection.


It has also provided a model for other cities in bringing forth renewed artistic expression for their city and support for its creative class.


Now I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and speak to audiences across the U.S.

I’ve been creating all my life. Music, art, dance, or writing—I’ve always been a storyteller.


Today my artwork has appeared on nationally syndicated television shows, public art installations and murals, in the homes and offices of private collectors around the world, and even on the outside of a city bus.


As an intuitive gestural expressionist—I use line and color to tell stories in paint. I create pathways connecting one moment to the next pursuing themes of joy and openness.

Speaking on the value of community, the power of building a life based on connection—past attendees have left conferences more engaged with others than ever before.



Using words like “beautiful spirit,” “hospitality,” “mesmerized,” and “inspirational,” event organizers can’t say enough positive things about the impact I have made on their groups.