What determines an authentic connection?
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What determines an authentic connection?

We all want to be successful at networking and building authentic connections so our business can grow — but how do we know we’re doing it well?

Is it determined by the number of events we attend? Or new likes on our Facebook page? How about the number of business cards we collect at meetings or follow up emails sent? That’s connecting right?


Authentic connecting starts with you. Are you really listening to others or are you usually talking? Do you make meeting people about what you have to say or about noticing the needs of others?

Connecting with people is a practice of constant attention and awareness. Before you can connect with others you have to be connected to your self which means knowing who you are, what you do and why it matters.

If someone asked you about your business would you be able to capture them with awe so that they were dying to know more? That should be the goal.

Next time you’re out and about think about how to connect with others and start crafting your practice with these steps:

  • Notice: Be present in the moment to heighten your awareness.
  • Wonder: Think about what you notice and why it matters.
  • Connect: Put the pieces together. This is where the magic happens.


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