The value of connection, collaboration and creativity in business
Combining the principals of connection, collaboration and creativity you will build a community of supporters who will rally for your success.
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The value of connection, collaboration and creativity in business

It was late in the afternoon on a Monday when I decided I was finally ready to announce online that my new consulting website was live.

And I did it with a poem

I sat at my computer pondering whether or not it was the right choice and if and when I’d click post. In that moment of vulnerability I realized connecting with my audience through spoken word was as authentic as I could get.

So I clicked post.

Through that action alone I was expressing the core message of my business — to connect with authenticity and creativity.

So how does this create value? 

Look for the potential to create value from every decision whether it’s from a single Facebook post or a partnership agreement. Using connection, collaboration and creativity to build your business will naturally attract a community of supporters.


People online and off crave connection. They need transparency to believe in what is real. Creating those types of connections builds trust and with a connection founded on trust you will attract an abundance of opportunities. Make that your goal — like I did when launching my business with poetry — find your own authentic voice and use it to connect who you are, what you do and why it matters with the people who care.


In a trusting environment collaboration is at it’s best. Partners will support you, people will advocate for you and the potential to grow your audience through your support network will widen your reach exponentially. An environment of connection and collaboration can transform your company culture, reputation and create a trajectory of growth. Find opportunities to collaborate in every aspect of your business. Listen to your team, ask your audience — never be over or below the collective force that can ultimately get you where you want to be.


Creativity attracts attention, surprises and delights. It can cut through the noise and enter into the space reserved for what is unique and special. Find that space to fill. Everything you do try to achieve that type of deep awareness from your audience, they will love you for it.

Combining these three principals will create a community who will share your content consistently, eagerly write you rave recommendations and selflessly connect you with influencers in their network to rally for your success.


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