Preserving the culture of Nashville’s community
We all have an opportunity to preserve the culture of our community, but first we have to create a vision and hold onto that vision until we see it through.
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Preserving the culture of Nashville’s community

I moved to Nashville in 2007 right before the Great Recession hit working in real estate (of all industries). I remember a time when property sat on the market for years and no one was talking about Nashville’s community “it” status nationally.

Navigating the city was almost too simple. People were friendly, eager to help and this big city with a small town feel was exactly that. Networking was easy because “everybody does know everybody” and each new friendship lead to another. It felt like family.

That’s what makes Nashville, Nashville. It wasn’t really about the music industry or the food as much as it was about the people. Generosity flows and openness is abundant and it’s these unique qualities that continue to draw people in.

Now is a different time and Nashville’s community culture is at risk unless we work to preserve it.

We’ve all seen the changes happening before our eyes. We experience it every single day. Whether its traffic, new construction or rising rents we are all feeling the effects of growth.

So now what?

We can either watch it happen or jump in and shape the change with our voice. First we have to create a vision to preserve our culture — then we have to hold onto that vision and see it through individually and collectively.

I know firsthand how to influence the future of a community. When I started the Nashville Creative Group I didn’t know it would become what it is today — all I knew is that visual artists desired community. Now we’re the largest artist network in Middle Tennessee that created a new standard for how we communicate and collaborate with one another.

We have used our power as a collective to create a shift, to open doors and build a sense of belonging virtually and in real life so our community can succeed together. It didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen in a silo. Everyone who participates has a voice at the table. Now we’re a hyper connected community of creative thought leaders who with the arts can create any conversation in any medium we want. That’s power.

So how do we extend that power to Nashville’s communities?

The preservation of Nashville’s culture is a conversation happening at many tables across the city, but no one is leading it — not yet. I’m sure many have a vision as to how this can be achieved and I would love a chance to hear yours, but for now here’s mine.

I want to create strong micro-communities with my business clients in Nashville using my methods of collaboration and creativity along with my unique marketing strategies so that collectively the city is shaped for sustainable growth.

I believe that I can develop business strategies and coach my clients to engage the community to support their business and create more value not only for themselves, but for everyone.

It’s about the mindset, communications infrastructure and plan of action that will shift the way people do business in Nashville to increase support of our local economy and bring passion to the forefront for how and why decisions are made.

Does that fit in with your vision? Are you part of a community bringing people together? If so contact me at, because I want to connect.

So how will we preserve the culture of Nashville’s community?

The details of that vision are still unclear, but together we can make a difference if we harness the power of people. That’s guaranteed and I can’t think of any other city better suited to set the standard for how this can be achieved.

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