IndieNash Mobilizes Small Business Community
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IndieNash Mobilizes Small Business Community

Imagine all the most passionate and purposeful people together in one place. 

That’s what I think it’d be like to hang out with Nashville’s small business community. We’re the risk takers — the ones crazy enough to do something created from a vision and wait to see what happens. I want to know people like that and create even more value between us.

But this community is at risk. 

“Nashville is experiencing unprecedented growth. It is an exciting time for our city, but there are serious challenges our local businesses and neighborhoods are facing,” says Founder and Executive Director of IndieNash, Telisha Arguelles Cobb.

Those challenges? Bob Bernstein, IndieNash Board of Directors and small business owner to Bongo Java, Bongo Java East, Fido, Hot and Cold, Fenwick’s 300 and Grins sums them up in his vision for what small businesses need to do next.

He says, “It’s time to join forces to educate the public about the importance of shopping at locally-owned businesses.”

Nashville Unchained

In its first major initiative of the year, Nashville Independent Business Alliance (NIBA) AKA #IndieNash, hosts Nashville Unchained on Friday, March 11.

This free event features Jeff Milchen, co-founder of the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) and a leading advocate for community-based businesses like the Keep Austin Weird movement designed to address the challenges many community-based businesses are facing. Milchen will speak to the audience illustrating the economic and civic importance of sustaining a strong base of local, independently-owned businesses, and then lead an optional training workshop.

Bob Bernstein Beth Inglish Telisha Cobb NIBA IndieNash Nashville Bongo Java Bongo Java East Fido Hot and Cold Fenwick's 300 Grins.2

Milchen says, “Independent businesses are struggling for survival across the country, but through collaborative efforts and the active involvement of citizens, communities have proven that harmful trends can be stopped and home-grown businesses still can prosper.”

Join NIBA at Nashville Unchained Friday morning to join the movement and connect with the small business community. It’s free and open to the public, so invite your friends! Register on Eventbrite and thanks for connecting.

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