The Nashville Creative Group cultivates inspiration
My passion and creative marketing approach motivate and encourage people and businesses to look at things from a different perspective; to implement ideas that they never considered; and to become empowered through the process of letting go of unrealistic expectations that often hinder success.
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The Nashville Creative Group cultivates inspiration

Sabine French on Facebook said, “Thanks for encouraging me to attend the Nashville Creative Group. Bull whips and black lights and dating apps for artists — oh my!”

That sums up The Nashville Creative Group’s September “Show & Tell” — for two hours artists of all disciplines shared their work and creative process including painting with a whip and connecting artists through art, not head shots, in a new dating app

The group also previewed Greg Troyan’s wildly wonderful music video, learned how art and design combine commercially and added the book, The War of Art, to our reading list. We even stepped inside Candy Bradley’s abstract paintings with the help of 3D glasses and a black light.

You never know what you’ll see at the Nashville Creative Group! Never miss a meeting and subscribe to the group’s email invites at

The Nashville Creative Group Community

Starting in August of 2012, the Nashville Creative Group has emerged as the largest creative network in Tennessee with nearly 4,700 members including artists, writers, poets, musicians, teachers, comedians and culture enthusiasts. The online network has established a new standard for artists to communicate making it easier than ever to connect with the community. The group hosts monthly meetups, happy hours and events to create, talk about and experience art, music and more.

Learn more about the Nashville Creative Group and join us today on Facebook and Twitter!

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