How hype girls turned into online engagement pros
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How hype girls turned into online engagement pros

You know who hype girls are right?

They’re the ones at parties getting people to dance, talking to everyone, social butterflies and engaging people to pump them up. They don’t belong to one particular group, but rather they jump from one group to another.

This term describes me — which is why I’m a natural on social media and am able to drive online engagement to attract audiences and build communities. I’ve always been this way.

I like people to be happy and have fun. I like to encourage and inspire. I like to make people feel comfortable so they can connect. This is just who I am and it comes so easily.

“Beth has an infectious joy that draws amazing people to her. She is highly respected and well loved, and she has an enormous heart. I am extremely grateful for the care and interest she has for me and for what is most important to me, and I’ve seen her bring this same level of curiosity and enthusiasm into everything she does.” – Ben Dulaney

Now in a digital world these valuable social skills translate easily into online engagement. How can you be a hype girl online? Follow these four essential skills and your notifications will be blowing up in no time.

Hype girls know how to talk to people

Hype girls understand the value of commenting, liking and asking questions. The same rules apply online as they do in real life. If you want engagement you have to engage.

Hype girls know how to have fun

Hype girls like to have a good time. People on social media like to have a good time. What a perfect marriage. Hype girls know how to have fun and bring fun out of the people around them.

Hype girls know how to be savvy

Hype girls know how to read the room. They know when to come in and when to get out. They know when the conversation needs more fuel and when to stop. This intuitive skill comes with practice.

Hype girls have skills

Every hype girl needs to have skills. This means fast fingers on the key pad for live tweeting, facebook posting, snapchatting. You have to know what you’re doing and you can’t waste time. The faster the better. The higher quality of content the better.

Want online engagement through the roof? Set it on fire and hire a hype girl.

Those who have the most relevant, highest quality, consistent content always win.

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