Case Study: Nashville Independent Business Alliance
My passion and creative marketing approach motivate and encourage people and businesses to look at things from a different perspective; to implement ideas that they never considered; and to become empowered through the process of letting go of unrealistic expectations that often hinder success.
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Case Study: Nashville Independent Business Alliance

I absolutely love building audiences, especially with organizations like the Nashville Independent Business Alliance whose mission is to make a difference and impact the lives of entrepreneurs in the small business community.

I have a heart for people who go after their passions. More than anything I want to support a community of dreamers, doers and magic makers by giving them a communications infrastructure that naturally attracts all the right people and partners by using their social media, website, email marketing and search engine results collectively. Only after these areas are in order is when you should launch your marketing, advertising and press strategy.

That would make the Nashville Independent Business Alliance AKA my ideal client.

Their mission is to “advocate for local, independent businesses working to create a diverse and sustainable local economy through efforts to think, be and buy independent.”

Executive Director, Telisha Cobb, launched #IndieNash last Fall and their goal for 2016 is to build community. They want to reach independent business to join their movement made up of local business owners, community leaders and concerned residents working together to create a strong voice to speak for local independents.

So how do you build a community? 

When I first sat down with Telisha we reviewed the many ways she communicated with the audience. We focused on the why message and used the passion behind the purpose to shape the mission. I jumped right in and gave her specific examples where she could improve that would have tremendous payoff. We set small attainable goals for short term growth and also looked at the bigger picture setting long term goals to think about during a future meeting.

I reviewed her social media networks and coached her on her content strategy and gave her examples of what works and why. Then we reviewed her website and I gave her insight as to how new visitors would perceive the pages, navigation and overall messaging. We talked about what a successful email marketing strategy would look like and how she could improve her visibility on Google’s search engine results.

Immediately after our meeting she adjusted her communications approach and has been implementing my strategies with much success. She saw immediate results such as more engaged fans, new fans/followers, new memberships and this all unfolded online within a matter of days.

During our second meeting we reviewed strategies for creating a content schedule that would build a community, engage partners and drive conversations. I also coached her how to use my full proof checklist for promoting events to create engagement in real life.


“Beth has been essential to educating us on how to most organically share our message and mission. She was able to jump right in and guide us in making simple yet tangible improvements. Then she helped us to put strategic plans in place for more consistent efforts moving forward. More than anything she taught us how to work smarter, not harder when telling our story. Her experience, creativity and passion made our sessions not only extremely productive, but enjoyable.  Because of Beth we have a much better understanding of how to grow a community!”


-Telisha Cobb, Executive Director, Nashville Independent Business Alliance

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