John Partipilo Photography, A Genius Behind the Lens
"My greatest strength has always been seeing what others don't and then giving it a face, drilling down to the common denominator of mutual humanity." - John Partipilo
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John Partipilo Photography Greg Sligh Nashville Hermitage Hotel Nashville Scene cover

Case Study: John Partipilo Photography

Last Fall photographer, John Partipilo, made the brave decision to leave the corporate world. After 15 years as photojournalist in a newsroom he knew it was time to become a full-time freelance photographer.

Today that decision paid off. Partipilo’s vision and talent for making pictures landed him on the cover of this week’s Nashville Scene.

John Partipilo Photography Greg Sligh Nashville Hermitage Hotel Nashville Scene cover

Photo by John Partipilo

“My greatest strength has always been seeing what others don’t and then giving it a face, drilling down to the common denominator of mutual humanity.” – John Partipilo

Partipilo is an absolutely incredible photographer (and even better human being) and I want everyone to see what so many people who know him see — a genius behind the lens.

For the past month I’ve been working with Partipilo to create his vision to achieve his goals and craft his message to communicate his story. We’ve been using a combination of digital marketing strategies using his website, social media and SEO to connect with his existing and potential audiences. We’ve also mapped out a plan to reach his long term goals to have a solo photography show and to connect with more publications worldwide.

What they’re saying

“At a time when Nashvillians often felt the rest of the world was looking the other way, especially in the national media, local newspapers, reporters and photographers shouldered the burden of conveying the enormity of the disaster. Nothing made the outside world stand up and take notice more than John Partipilo’s photographs in The Tennessean, which traveled far beyond the city limits.

John Partipilo The Tennessean Nashville Flood 2010 Photography

As the flood waters engulf the parking lot of the Knights Motel, musician Dover Anthony plays a song on his guitar. Anthony was trapped on the top floor so he “wrote a song about the flood”. Photo by John Partipilo/The Tennessean

Partipilo’s eye for drama and human detail never deserted him even in plainly dangerous conditions. More importantly, neither his compassion or empathy for those he was photographing: a dazed boy cradling a ruined guitar, a homeowner weeping in the boat taking him to shore. During the flood, Partipilo functioned as a witness, sentinel, recorder or posterity and signal flare. His wrenching photos from The Bottom — an impoverished and little-known community off Murfreesboro Road, where elderly African Americans residents lost not only their living quarters but the wheelchairs that would help them get to shelter — opened eyes as well as wallets, and arguably saved lives. 

Years from now, when people want to show their children (or grandchildren) what the city lived through, minds will boggle at Partipilo’s iconic images: of the Opryland Hotel’s carefully manufactured indoor Delta overrun and destroyed by the real thing; of a trapped tunesmith serenading the six-feet-under parking lot of his inescapable hotel; of Riverfront Park underwater and Lower Broadway awash into silt. In so doing, he provided just what the city needed — focus.” – Jim Ridley, Managing Editor Nashville Scene

John Partipilo Photography Nashville Tennessee

Photo by Beth Inglish

What they’re saying

“One of the best things that happened to me when I worked at The Tennessean was meeting and working with Beth Inglish. She is one of the most positive and talented people I have had the honor of collaborating with. If you want your business and creative soul to thrive you have to work with her! She is an amazing creative talent, a dreamer, doer and someone who will inspire you to become great and connect with the community.” – John Partipilo

Partipilo is an award winning photographer with images appearing in Europe and across the United States. To learn more about him and how to connect visit and follow him on Twitter at @PartipiloJ.

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